Gorgeous and mystical Canadian bombshell!

Ethnicity Canadian
Age 22
Hair Blonde
Height 5'3
Weight 125lbs
Breast 32D
Foot Size 7.5
Sign Cancer
Languages English & French

Her Scenarios

  • Regular massage
  • Nuru Massage
  • Feetish
  • Four hands
  • Couples date night massage
  • The spectators massage

Her Hours

Thursday 20h - 6h


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 4 reviews
by Rita Miller on Blank Business Name
Another Adventure

This was my second visit with this radiant Persian and her adventurous body. We picked right back up where we left off. She shared her recent adventures and as the time progressed we kept each other laughing. We joked how she has an upcoming event and has been wait listed. We agreed receiving an organ has less wait times. I would happily donate a kidney and even my heart to her. We are total opposites, but enjoy each other's company. She prefers drinking, and I prefer sleeping. Sage wants to swim with sharks, and I want to play with dolphins. She is getting new tattoos, and I keep getting new gray hairs. When we finished up she was trying to suggest things for me to do in the city, but again, we are total opposites. Sage never puts on a fake personality or attitude. When I returned back to the USA the customs officer asked if I had anything to declare. The only thing I had to declare was my love for Sage and the women of Montreal.


She is beyond imagination. Very pretty, extremely kind and very careful to please you. You will enjoy your time with her.


Sage was a blast to chat with. She's got a perfect body with just the right amount of curves.

by Rita Miller on Blank Business Name
A Treasure

I am surprised no one has written a review on this stunning Persian. I arrived just before 2am and the place was getting packed even for the low season. I am so glad Sage and a room was available. This was my first time with Sage and will not be the last. She walks in and kindly greets me, wanting to make me feel comfortable before she began. Sage’s toned body, soft skin, and perfect boobies are amazing with no imperfections. She had a certain calmness and confidence while engaged in a soothing conversation. Her applied hands with pressure are not too hard not nor too soft, but just right. The same applies to the conversation since she is easy to talk to. I enjoyed hearing her giggles and cheerfulness, which created a great mood. Her uplifting spirit, charm, and beauty functions like a warrior that could easily kill off any bad mood for me. I had the smaller room with her, but I didn’t care. I could honestly be just as happy with her in a closet or in the hallway learning about her past and upcoming adventures. Ending my work week in Montreal with Sage was the best discovery for me. I will end this by saying anyone who she chooses to have in her life should treasure her.