Our Nuru Playground is a professional upscale body-on-body massage parlour.
Let’s play nice! Here are some of the rules you must follow:

  1. Always obey our Nuru Hostesses – her rules are golden.
  2. There is strictly no sex or fellatio permitted – do not waste your time asking our Nuru hostesses.
  3. NO touching between the hostesses legs is tolerated.
  4. If our rules are not followed, your Nuru hostess can terminate your session immediately.

We’re thrilled you chose our playground! Your feedback is greatly appreciated; if you’ve had a negative experience, please let our staff know immediately – your satisfaction is our top priority.

The Nuru Playground Team.

Our clients always have the last word:

If you’re delighted with our service please tell your friends; if you’re not, please tell us! You may contact the manager at info@montrealnurumassage.com. Or call us at (514) 641 8449. We welcome your comments and suggestions and would love to hear about your favourite activities and attractions!