Always dancing on the edge we’re the first ADULT ENTERTAINMENT Salon to prepare and pamper you with the full-bodied, tantalizing glide of the NURU Massage Gel. We’ll tempt and tease you with an exhilarating experience like no other…sweet surrender.
Here in your Palace, you’re no longer dreaming, you’re living your wildest dreams. No stress, no performance, no pressure. Unless, of course you want it. We serve at the King’s pleasure…it’s your Fantasy and our Playground.

If this is your first date with the smoldering delights of a sensual massage, hold on tight – you’re about to be mesmerized. Relaxing, exciting, startling sensations – your body is amazed at its hunger for adventure. Burning, sizzling, on fire. “Where have you been all my life?” you wonder. But the joy was worth the waiting…n’est ce pas?

Regular Massage $ Professional Fees Total
30 min 40 80 $120
45 min 50 85 $135
60 min 60 90 $150
90 min 85 130 $215
120 min 110 170 $280

Derived from the ancient Japanese art form of massage, the nude-body on nude-body of the grand NURU Massage is a modern day treasure. Guided by the warm NURU gel, lavished over your awakened body, your skilled hostess discovers every pulse and trigger point of your yearning.

Skin to skin, slipping and sliding, your pleasure is heightened by the urgent probing of her curves. But just as the “thank you” throbbing starts, there’s a playful pause and a sudden stillness. Your body stiffens; anticipation is the foreplay of relief.  Then a flashing smile, fingers penetrating deeply into your flesh, mischievously here and firmly there – just the way you want it.

Nuru Massage $ Professional Fees Total
30 min 60 80 $140
45 min 70 85 $155
60 min 80 90 $170
90 min 100 130 $230
120 min 130 170 $300


Erotic scenarios are new and captivating amusements we’ve added to our menu. To seduce the newcomer or titillate the most adventurous connoisseur, we have created “show-stopping” vignettes where you’re the hot new star of your wildest imaginings…and ours!

Let your “bad boy” loose on the needs that leave you trembling; nip and nibble at the forbidden fruit you thought was banned forever. Here are the must-trys for every man to blow up the boundary of “NO!” and say “YES!” to his primal cravings. No apologies needed…or allowed. Just feed your lust…

For the adventuresome thrill-seeker who is already skilled in the smoldering sensations of our NURU massage, we have created a whole new level of devilish delight. Nude on nude, skin-to-skin, as your Master hostess lavishes her delectable curves over your awaiting body. Her breasts, lathered in a glowing NURU gel, glisten as they linger above you.

Then pressing and probing, her fingers find every pleasure point of desire and playfully teases your raging anticipation. Flushed with excitement, spinning together into the light of exotic exploration, you burst with the agony and then rest softly in the afterglow of ecstasy.

Nuru glow $ Professional Fees Total
60 min 90 90 $180

If you’ve already mastered the art of foot fetish or are just ready to explore the lure of playing footsie, our ladies are especially skilled to tickle your fancy. And more.

With foot fetish, what starts under the table doesn’t have to stay under the table. It wriggles slowly over the calf, rubs its way along the thigh and nuzzles into its favourite hot spot. From firmly rounded heels to the most succulent tippy-toes, you’ll squirm with delight at the unexpected ways a foot massage can lead to exotic satisfaction.

Feetish $ Professional Fees Total
60 min 80 120 $200
Four hands are better than two

Treat yourself to the NURU “Double Your Fun Extravaganza,” where 2 hands + 2 hands equal the magical number of 4. Four curious hands are eager to prime and please your ravenous appetite for the wet and wild side. You do the math…4 hands bringing 4 areas of your quivering naked body to the peak of abandon. A gentle press, a stinging probe, a pinch, a prod….your report card is glowing: “passed with rave reviews!”

Four hands $ Professional Fees Total
60 min 85 200 $285