Asian Massage: The Best Way to Relax and Unwind

Hard times in recent years have revealed that many people don’t find the comfort they need for complete mind and body rejuvenation through common forms of distraction and relaxation, such as entertainment, hobbies, and sports. Even if they turn to home exercise and massage equipment, professional physical therapy, and basic professional massage services, these methods often fall short of providing the unique care that some of them need to thrive. Far too often, the source of a person’s poor mental and physical health is extreme stress, tension, loneliness, and a lack of intimacy. In some cases, they feel so alone they just need some form of “human contact,” such as a friendly smile, tight hug or gentle back rub, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic that has reduced contact to a minimum. One of the best solutions to this dilemma while a continued pandemic and other serious domestic and international events place additional mental, physical, financial, and other pressures on individuals, couples and families is Asian massage. Read on to learn more about this fantastic therapeutic treatment that offers short- and long-term, whole-body benefits:  

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What is an Asian Massage?

Asian massage spa is a generic term for a form of Japanese massage therapy known as “Nuru.” The term means “slippery” and refers to the nature of the massage. An experienced practitioner typically uses a special colorless, odorless, organic gel derived from seaweed extract, also known as Nuru, to perform this therapy. They might use a non-seaweed scented or unscented gel that provides similar benefits or a gel with warming properties. Whatever the gel type, all Nuru massage gels have a slippery and smooth texture similar to an egg yolk that’s perfect for application and use against bare skin.

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The goal of a Nuru massage is for the masseuse to provide their client with a total-body erotic, sensual experience that comes close to sexual intimacy. During the massage, the masseuse applies the gel to their entire body and that of their client. They and their client are naked or the masseuse wears a special body suit. They then glide and rub their hands and whole body against their client’s body in specific ways to induce the most physical sensations. During the process, the client might also return movements as the massage therapist directs to achieve the most physical contact.  

What Are the Primary Benefits?

An Asian massage provides a wide range of benefits. It starts by creating an exciting, intimate experience that immediately triggers the release of natural chemicals in the client’s body that makes them feel happy and relaxes tense muscles. As the massage continues, their body releases chemicals directly related to sexual contact, including ones that increase heart rate, induce skin and nerve sensitivity, and form feelings of connection, pleasure, and reward in the brain. As the massage ends, chemicals that travel throughout the body during release promote deep satisfaction and restfulness. Practitioners and their clients have described the entire experience as “blissful.”

Since sexual intimacy provides a cardiovascular and whole-body workout, Nuru massage provides similar benefits. It improves circulation. It might strengthen the immune system and contribute to weight loss. People dealing with low feelings or loneliness might enjoy an improved mood. Clients who suffer from chronic pain or muscle aches might receive temporary relief, especially if the masseuse uses a gel that has anti-inflammatory additives. Some practitioners also use gels that contain many extra nutrients beyond those found in the seaweed extract. These minerals and vitamins nourish the skin and might also contribute to improving a client’s immune system and health.

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Couples often also benefit from Nuru massage. Counseling for couples sometimes isn’t enough. They can experience a lack of emotional and physical intimacy at home. Some couples find that they just can’t experience as much excitement with one another as they did in the past. They might also deal with communication problems that make it difficult for them to achieve intimacy with one another. An Asian Nuru massage can help break through barriers. A couple can relearn each other’s bodies and intimate needs. A masseuse or masseuses can teach a couple new intimate experiences that they can take back to their own home and bedroom to continue to use to help them maintain intimacy and rebuild and grow their relationship.  

Are There Any Mild or Serious Downsides?

Although Asian massage is beneficial in the above and many other ways, it’s important to test the gel before use since some people experience skin irritation and allergic reactions, especially if they have any sort of cuts or open wounds. There is also a slight risk of slipping and falling while the masseuse performs their work. All practitioners take precautions, but clients should ask questions about those safety measures, use common sense and maintain situational awareness during their massage.

Anyone with chronic pain or other serious medical condition should consult their doctor before participating to confirm that they’re physically healthy enough. Couples in the middle of a delicate time in their marriage should ask their couples marriage counselor or therapist whether they might benefit from Nuru massage before attempting a couples appointment since any form of intimacy with a third party, especially a beautiful woman, can make some people in a relationship feel jealous or insecure.

Additionally, as a result of the highly intimate nature of an Asian massage, people interested in it should pick a salon that heavily decontaminates and sanitizes rooms between appointments. The salon should also follow strict COVID-19 and monkeypox safety measures in all areas. For example, the salon shouldn’t accept anyone with a cold, fever, or open sores. They should also at least require mask wearing in all public areas.

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What Types of Nuru Massage Are Available?

Beyond basic Nuru massage that involves gentle, sensitive pressure from the masseuse’s hands and full-body contact, which is typically provided by a female masseuse, some salons offer alternate versions of this therapy. One version, an advanced or “extreme” Nuru massage, involves a glow-in-the-dark gel, twice the amount of gel, and a wider table covered in plastic. With another version, the salon might provide two masseuses for one client to double the physical sensations. Couples can also enjoy a couples massage with one or two female masseuses together in the same room. Lastly, one or more masseuses might combine this therapy with other types of therapy, such as hot stone therapy on pressure points and tight muscles or jacuzzi and water-jet therapy.

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Are Any Forms of Sexual Relations Permitted?

Although some Asian massage businesses permit sexual relations (e.g., happy endings), most Nuru practitioners in Canada, the United States, and elsewhere take their clients to the edge of sexual contact without crossing any lines. They don’t perform any stimulation of genitalia, or penetrative sexual acts, or offer hotel-based massage or escort-style services. It’s important to remember that a Nuru massage practitioner is a professional masseuse even though their work usually involves lingerie, nudity, intimate touches, and other erotic elements.

Nuru Massage Montreal is a full-service salon with 14 individual massage rooms and a luxury V.I.P. salon extension that features four jacuzzis and additional related services. Clients are able to pick their masseuse or masseuses from more than 50 stunningly beautiful, professionally-trained women who provide Asian Nuru and other massage services based on their schedule availability. For more information or to schedule an appointment, speak with a knowledgeable member of the staff at 541-641-8449, email [email protected] or book online at

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