So how do you like your NURU? Some like it hot; some like it sizzling. But no matter how you like it, you will love the nude body on nude body of our Montreal NURU.

With two playgrounds to choose from, if you like your pleasure slow and easy, sensuous and tantalizing with peaks and valleys of exquisite teasing, the first 20-minutes of the hour long NURU MASSAGE might be the foreplay of your yearning. Here is the full body, deep slip and slide that unspoken fantasies are made of.

A playful pause leaves you trembling with anticipation as you steal a glimpse of her wet body, lavished with the slippery NURU gel, rippling in the wall of mirrors.

Then with a flash of frenzy, your naked body awakens to the skillful probing of your Mistress’s eager fingers. Pushing, prodding, she rubs, relentlessly; probing with her curves to find the secret place you are hiding. Ahhh, there it is. Every fantasy of your longing has been fulfilled.

NURU EXTREME is the hot shot of the Ancient Japanese art of Massage. Designed for maximum intensity, slow and easy is not on the menu. Instead, Mistress NURU bathes your nude body and hers in two vials of the exclusive NURU gel until your passions glisten and gleam, yearning to join together.

Straddling your chest, her body focuses on a scorching scalp and neck massage as she positions her breasts directly above your face…tempting…teasing. She dips and tips her lips against your ears to breathe or sigh or whisper naughty thoughts to explore your hunger.

Piqued and primed, throbbing with pleasure, the next 45-minutes is devoted to skin on skin, curve to curve craving as your knowing Masseuse discovers every pulse and trigger point of your fully awakened, moist body. Your appetite swells to a fever pitch as you teeter on the brink of ecstatic relief and endless fire.

All the while, wall-to-wall mirrors add a whole new dimension to your experience. Every touch or tweak, pinch or position; every joyous smile or sigh of rapture is yours to see and feel, hear and remember, always. In the dark of night or in the waking moments of every morning, you can re-live your NURU passion, re-capture your aching desire.


Indulge in Sensual Bliss with NuruPlay

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